What we do

For the majority of projects from the ground up, we begin with Discovery. We need to better understand the challenges your business faces and how our expertise can help. If we can understand your goal better and who your audience is, we can put together an innovative solution to inspire and engage those audiences.

Unique Digital Experiences

At Verse, we’re focused on creating seamless, engaging, memorable and unique digital experiences for our clients. We don’t believe in taking a one-size-fits-all or single-template approach to delivering projects. Each website we create is uniquely designed and created specifically for our client and their brand.

Experience & Expertise

We have the experience, expertise and ability to channel our passion into ensuring our clients are given a user experience that’s relevant, bespoke and crafted to suit their needs. Whether you’re looking for a standalone website development project, or even a long term partner to help realise your digital vision — we’re here for you every step of the way.


The definition of discovery is​‘becoming aware of something that we did not know about before’.

Discoveries shape our whole approach, so our process focuses on improving our clients’ relationships with their users. We work with you to effectively enhance your digital presence, achieving this by implementing immersive, intuitive and unique user experiences.

We begin our process of discovery by working collaboratively with our clients and engaging with stakeholder groups. Being leaders in web, brand and visual content, we understand the importance of learning your challenges, goals and key drivers.

We dive beneath the surface to discover the creative positioning and direction of the business as well as pinpointing areas of improvements such as where your competition is evidently successful in their approach. Through analysis of these findings, we advise on how best to enhance your digital presence.

From the initial build of the site map to the launch of your site, we’ve built a reputation on creating seamless user experiences which are brand-aligned, simple to update and very flexible.


We understand the importance of creating and delivering designs which capture the attention of your customers and clients and focus on their continued user engagement.

Our dedicated team work collaboratively with you throughout the design process. We handcraft, intelligent, instinctive and immersive user-focused experiences, which encompass and reinforce your brand’s character, and personality.

Over the course of the design lifecycle, to the launch of your new website, we use ground-breaking project management and digital visualisation software, such as Asana and InVision; these tools allow you to gain further insight and share feedback throughout the design process.

If you’d like to see how your ideas and input can be shaped into a seamless, intuitive and responsive user experience, we’ll work with you to create and launch a new and exciting digital presence for you, and your brand.


We handcraft each website, utilising cutting-edge content management systems (CMS), which are purposely optimised for each clients needs.

We collaborate with you to develop, agree and implement your creative ideas, transforming these into engaging prototypes.

During the Build’ process, we offer a unique, visual and custom-made experience. We showcase each design-focused step of the journey through Invision; taking the time to share with you, up-to-date, effective, and working web pages.

Our dedicated development team have a wealth of experience in working with, and implementing, a number of content management systems. We strongly believe that a single CMS is unable to cater to the requirements of each brand, and we’ll recommend the most suitable CMS to fulfil the needs of your project.

Ahead of the website launch, we’ll make sure that your site is fully functional across a range of devices. This is generally a smooth process, as each website has been purpose-built to automatically scale and respond to different screen sizes.

Each website is built to the highest of standards, and it doesn’t stop there. If your project requires specific back-end capabilities, our team are proficient in custom PHP, customised server development, database setups and IT support.

If you’re thinking about a new direction or content for your website, get in touch and we can discuss your ideas and options.


Following the discovery, design and build processes of your project, everything will be ready for the website’s launch.

During the launch period, our team perform a range of testing techniques to make sure that your website is fully operational, functioning correctly and ready for lift off.

In the month following the launch of your new website, our technical team will support you with further optimisation, as well as resolve any necessary bug fixes.

This post-launch period gives us the opportunity to fine-tune any functionality aspects, to ensure your website runs smoothly.


Our journey together won’t end following the launch of your website…

We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your users will get the most out of your new digital experience.

Verse’s in-house web development specialists have the ability to provide ongoing support, user-focused insight and site-specific assistance. You’ll feel reassured by our jargon-lite advice and instruction, which will help you with important updates, content amendments and any other tweaks that you wish to make to your website.

We can help you to measure the success of your projects, as we understand the importance of customer engagement and site visits. We use website insight tools such as Google Analytics (and more) to measure your site’s performance against internal targets, making it easier for you to set, meet and exceed your goals.

If your site requires additional technical support or you’d simply like to query the possibility of new optimised content for your website, then get in touch with us.

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