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Project delivery

We make project delivery seamless

As your business grows, the need to focus on enhancing and expanding your digital presence becomes a key driver. It pays to outsource specialised teams because it takes time to create and oversee the digital delivery output, especially with the care that is required.

This is where Verse can help to relieve the pressure, while also helping you to exceed your expectations and achieve your targets. We’ll work with you through each phase of your own internal digital delivery provision.

This is something we’ve already achieved for a number of our clients, including Mitchell’s & Butlers, Lincat, Comma, and Resorts World.

Project Delivery
Mitchells & Butlers

One of the largest operators of restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK

What is project delivery? (What)

In short, this focuses on the delivery of new or existing digital projects that requires the use of a specific resource (or team) to oversee and deliver a number of projects, such as website builds, developmental needs, creative design, marketing campaigns or web infrastructure upgrades, as and when required.

What is the need/requirement? (Why)

Utilising over a decade of experience within the digital realm, we work in collaboration with our partner clients to set up and deliver outsourced project teams based within your company or in-house, while making sure that they remain under the leadership of our established team… leaving you to concentrate on the regular day-to-day of your organisation.

Verse can provide highly effective, knowledgeable, specialists to will help you manage and deliver your projects on-time, on-budget.

Our approach/What we will (or can) do (How)

We understand in many cases the requirement for organisations to run projects internally for a number of reasons, from data privacy to internal systems infrastructure. Verse has worked with multiple clients who have had a range of specific needs and we’re capable of working within or around set parameters, as the need arises.

The need for an additional resource is often much more affordable when owned and maintained in-house, beyond this there’s often a need to top-up/bolster this resource, in order to speed up project builds, add in further skillsets and to broaden the overall success of the project.

In instances such as this, Verse is able to quickly provide a short to medium-term specialist resource, which is more than capable of working alongside your existing teams.

We're able to provide:
  • Excellent ROI for clients (experts in our field at enhancing results),
  • Results led advice & guidance.
  • A focus on Analytics & metrics led tasks.
  • Support to help not only establish but achieve KPI's.
Project Delivery
Resorts World

Resorts World is a destination like no other. Home to a broad range of shops & restaurants.

The delivery (The actions)

Following the completion of a Discovery period, Verse will work alongside, or in place of, your Project Management teams to put implement a team that’s more than capable of fulfilling your needs.

While requirements may differ across project, Verse is able to provide teams that specialise in:
  • Agile Project Management
  • Portfolio management.
  • Marketing.
  • Cross channel management.
  • Front-End Development including React, JavaScript.
  • Back-end development.
  • Design.
Project Delivery

A international technology agnostic MDM / PIM Consultancy

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