Bath House

Fragrance and natural skincare brand founded in 1997

Brand Architecture / Web Design / E-commerce

The challenge

We were tasked with creating an informative, emotive and effective shopping experience that matched with the atmosphere found in fabulously contemporary interiors of The Bath House shops. Verse set about creating an e-commerce platform, which could support future online growth for The Bath House, while also improving the user experience.

This project required us to devise and create a unique take on the original Bath House website. Which required significant modernisation of the original website, while ensuring that the new site would implement and replicate the style, product design, and product presentation The Bath House is known for. The site redesign also had a specific requirement for integration with various fulfilment systems, which in turn helped to produce an aesthetically pleasing, and an enhanced (yet simple) user navigation experience across the entirety of the website.

What we did

Verse completely redesigned the user interface for The Bath House website, with a particular focus on not only enhancing the end user experience but also ensuring that the new site would be essentially future-proofed. This required the building of an e-commerce platform — powered by ExpressionEngine and CartThrob. DPD and Worldpay Merchant Services ensured that a secure payment structure was in place for end users.

Verse also utilised the CMS and software platforms, to create an order processing and ticket-based reporting system, which incorporated The Bath House’s complex and extensive product tree. The construction of this site not only accounted for the end user, but also the Bath House employees, ensuring that a focus was maintained with regards to ease of use, and updates. The end product has been described by the client as a joy to update and maintain.

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