DevOps Engineer

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We’re looking for a talented, experienced DevOps to join our team

Verse is a vibrant team with a focus on research-led design and user experience supported by outstanding technical capability. We’re looking for an accomplished DevOps Engineer to join our growing team.

The DevOps Engineer will be responsible for setting up working environments and collaborating with our full-stack developers to bring ideas to life. Delivering outstanding projects with everything from basic landing pages right through to huge international e-commerce solutions.

You should bring an eye for detail, a willingness to challenge the norm, and self-motivation to streamline our systems and processes to add real value to the role in Verse. Through team collaboration, clear communication, and technical ambition to move us forward. We’re a small agile team which means there is the opportunity to make the role your own and grow with us.

Job description

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer who has a track record of successfully delivering architectured environments to streamline build and deployments within an agency environment. You will be a team player with a critical-thinking and open-minded approach to solving problems. You will be up to date with the latest industry developments and be a strong practitioner and advocate for abiding by and leading standards and best practices.

You want to be involved and understand the bigger picture, not just your immediate task list in front of you to ensure projects are running smoothly, support and push your colleagues and technical team, proactively looking to innovate, streamline the process and push the boundaries to deliver an outstanding environment to base our from for work for our customers.

You will offer guidance and expertise on system options, risk, impact, and costs vs. benefits, you will create and share the operational requirements and development forecasts to allow for timely and accurate planning of projects.

You’ll be responsible for developing and building technical solutions, installing and configuring solutions, implementing reusable components, translating technical requirements, assisting with all stages of test data, developing interface stubs and simulators, and performing script maintenance and updates.

You’ll be building automated deployments through the use of configuration management technology. You will be responsible for deploying new modules and upgrades and completing fixes within the production environment. Another duty is to make modules ready for production, which entails moving them according to specific procedures and documenting knowledge transfer.

Routine application maintenance tasks will be an ongoing responsibility that you can accomplish via strategy-building techniques. You will help create requirements and procedures for implementing routine maintenance. Troubleshooting existing information systems for errors and resolving those errors will be one of your main responsibilities.

You will be responsible for evaluating existing applications and platforms, giving recommendations for enhancing performance via gap analysis, identifying the most practical alternative solutions, and assisting with modifications.

About you

You are not only a team player, you’re also a leader and understand just how important it is to collaborate and form a shared, clear vision for the success of your role and development of you and your colleagues. You're able to inspire and motivate a team and are approachable and ambitious, you find joy in the detail that makes your work stand out. We're looking for a like-minded individual with a creative outlook and a passion for problem-solving with commercial awareness. You have the ability to communicate effectively between technical and non-technical stakeholders.

You can adapt quickly to unfamiliar environments. You have an understanding of 'legacy' code and programming methodologies and how we can move and update those forwards. Strong problem-solving skills, willingness to take ownership, and enthusiasm in the face of technical challenges.

Key responsibilities

This is a team-based role, where the project work is varied and shared amongst the Full stack developers in the team so you will not just be focused on one part of the process. As such, being able to see the big picture and work collaboratively is critical whilst delegating and supporting colleagues too.

  • Implement and own the Continuous Integration
  • Manage Continuous Delivery tooling.
  • Implement and maintain monitoring and alerting.
  • Build and maintain highly available production systems.
  • Analyse current technology utilized within the company and develop steps and processes to improve and expand upon them
  • Establish milestones for necessary contributions from departments and develop processes to facilitate their collaboration
  • Assist other departments in creating practical demonstrations of proposed solutions and demonstrating them to other members of the team
  • Provide detailed specifications for proposed solutions including materials, manpower and time necessary
  • Provide clear goals for all areas of a project and develop steps to oversee their timely execution
  • Work closely with the Technical team within the company to maintain hardware and software needed for projects to be completed efficiently
  • Mentor and train colleagues throughout the company and seek to continually improve processes companywide
  • Work alongside project management teams to successfully monitor progress and implementation of initiatives
  • To constantly learn new things, he or she must constantly ask questions and listen to answers to generate new ideas and welcome new challenges

Skills and experience

Soft skills

We’re looking for a DevOps engineer who would be able to bridge the gap between the departments and bring different teams together to work towards a common goal. You will need to start by understanding the people, the culture, and how the organization runs and then build a strategy that focuses on simplifying the overall operating environment to achieve the goal of continuous integration and delivery. Working with our Agile development teams means soft skills are incredibly important - the ability to support the organizational cultural shift to implementing and then standardizing DevOps is key to the success of the role.

Essential skills

  • Experience setting up reliable and scalable CI/CD environments
  • Cloud platform experience - e.g AWS
  • Container orchestration experience - e.g Docker
  • Experience with Infrastructure automation tools to streamline development processes
  • Experience and understanding of automation in code testing and feature deployment.
  • Experience setting up automated monitoring and alert tools e.g. Terraform, Jenkins

Tools and technologies

While new technologies and tools continuously get released in the DevOps landscape, it's important that you have a broad understanding of:

  • Source Control (like Git, Bitbucket, Svn, VSTS etc)
  • Continuous Integration (like Jenkins, Bamboo, VSTS )
  • Infrastructure Automation (like Puppet, Chef, Ansible)
  • Deployment Automation & Orchestration (like TeamCity, Deploy)
  • Container Concepts (LXD, Docker)
  • Orchestration (AWS S3, EC2, Fargate, Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm)
  • Cloud (like AWS, Azure, GoogleCloud, Openstack)

What we’re offering


£40,000 to £45,000 dependant on experience


We have office space in Birmingham or Kendal, Lake District. Remote working considered with in-person meetings at either office. There may be a requirement to travel to meet with colleagues and be present for team briefings and away days.


Full time - 8:30 to 17:00 with 1 hour for lunch - 37.5 hours a week - working flexibly and part-time considered.

Monday to Friday.


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